I’m Geoffrey Walters, a writer, entrepreneur and content marketing consultant from the UK. I’ve been working in the content marketing industry since 2014 and have built up a small team of people who help me with some of the work I do.

I have a Master’s in languages from Cambridge University and have lived in Berlin, Germany since the end of 2013.

When I’m not writing or consulting, you can often find me playing and arranging classical music.

Our Philosophy

Curiosity is an underrated virtue.

Most service providers are content to just deliver the work and send an invoice. Their relationships with their clients are transactional and cold, but they get paid. Job done.

We work with service businesses who aren’t afraid to have a deep, meaningful discussion about their brand. That requires courage. Assertiveness. Honesty. Our approach is not for everyone.

We’re genuinely curious about what makes your customers tick. Why your customers buy from you — and why they sometimes don’t. What’s your brand story?

We believe that content marketing is about building relationships, not putting your product or service in front of people. It is our mission to help you articulate your marketing in a way that connects with your customers.

In short: we compete on empathy, not on price.

What does this look like in practice?

  • Not afraid to say or hear the word “no” at any stage of your journey
  • Respond to your emails within 24 hours
  • Always looking for new ways to add value through making introductions

Curious to learn more? Send us a message.

To see samples of recent work, please view our portfolio.