Curiosity is an underrated virtue.

Most service providers are content to just deliver the work and send an invoice. Their relationships with their clients are transactional and cold, but they get paid. Job done.

We work with service businesses who aren’t afraid to have a deep, meaningful discussion about their brand. That requires courage. Assertiveness. Honesty. Our approach is not for everyone.

We’re genuinely curious about what makes your customers tick. Why your customers buy from you — and why they sometimes don’t. What’s your brand story?

We believe that content marketing is about building relationships, not putting your product or service in front of people. It is our mission to help you articulate your marketing in a way that connects with your customers.

In short: we compete on empathy, not on price.

What does this look like in practice?

  • Not afraid to say or hear the word “no” at any stage of your journey
  • Respond to your emails within 24 hours
  • Always looking for new ways to add value through making introductions

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Content Marketing Audit

Do you feel stuck with marketing? Many business owners are so emotionally involved with their businesses that they struggle to see it from the outside — like a customer would. We work with business owners to devise a marketing plan that will help them grow.

  • Uncover pain points in your current marketing
  • Discover the soul of your brand
  • Therapy for your blog
  • Use content to connect to your customers
  • Plans customised to your individual needs

Business Blogging Package

Do you need help with increasing the volume and quality of your blog posts? We produce blog posts to help businesses build credibility with customers and search engines. This is our most popular service and what we are best known for.

  • Become a thought leader
  • More website visitors
  • Customised to your individual needs and budget
  • Dedicated editor 
  • Requires only 30 minutes of your time per month

Website Copy

Does your website connect with your customers emotionally? Your website is the ultimate reflection of your brand and who you are as a business owner. We write and re-write website copy that helps nurture a relationship with your customers.

  • Landing pages
  • About Us page
  • Newsletter email sequences
  • Product descriptions for eCommerce
  • + much, much more!


Geoff is responsive, flexible, responds positively to feedback and edit requests and will go the extra mile to meet unexpected deadlines. Geoff is a true marketing professional who we can trust to get the job done.

ContentMX, LLC

Geoffrey is one hell of a writer! When 90% of content marketers and
bloggers are still pumping out fluff, Geoffrey gets into the meaty
details that make his content worth reading.

Alan Reyes, Content Director at Judicious, Inc





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